Welcome to your leading commercial supply for Hydraulic fixtures in North Carolina. The 4-bolt split flange (or complete flange) fitting can be used worldwide for connecting high pressure hoses typically to pumps, motors and cylinders, where in fact the hose assemblies are put through large pressure loadings. Coupler simplifies hydraulic connections and consist of self-sealing male and feminine halves.

Hoses are used in applications where pipelines or tubes are not suitable, usually to supply freedom for device operation or maintenance. The male has a 24° sealing angle cone seat with straight metric threads. Your quality hydraulic hose fixtures is manufactured with the highest-quality materials to meet up with industry requirements.

Push Lock Type (PL): The insert solution for low force applications without the need for swaged ferrule. Usually, connections from one standard seem to thread into another standard slot but don’t have sufficient engagement become safe. Manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom hydraulic fittings including crimpers and reusable fixtures.

Parker’s Seal-Lok fixtures feature a captive -ring groove (CORG) for better sealing and prevention of -ring distortion or “fallout” during assembly. We have countless hoses and hose related services and products. Our most well known fitting for hydraulic hoses could be the Weatherhead design crimp-on hydraulic hose concludes because of the interchangeability.

Please be aware that our hose fixtures will continue to work top whenever coupled with a KIMS Global hose. Partnering with enterprising manufacturer in Europe, we are proud to provide the OneGCTM Universal ferrule (just KP-LOK for SS two-piece kind hose fittings) that can be used in combination with 13 several types of versatile hoses, representing a revolution in the field of hose fixtures.

Tapered threads can also affect other elements, including deformation of aluminium and breaking of cast iron, as a result of stress associated with the steel pipeline thread within the component. SAE 45-degree flare fittings are similar in features, but aren’t interchangeable, though dash sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 14, and 16 share exactly the same thread size.

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